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Restaurants, Bars & Hospitality

Our vision is to create strong, lasting spaces for bars, restaurants, and hospitality brands by enhancing consumer experience through every aspect of interior design.

Are you launching a new restaurant? Refurbishing your wine bar? Or starting up a new hospitality service? When designing your dream space, there’s plenty of things for you to consider, like:


  1. How is a restaurant heated, or cooled?
  2. Did you know green represents freshness and fertility — commonly used for Vegetarian and Vegan concepts?
  3. How does customer behaviour in bars change throughout the day?
  4. Did you know lighting in a restaurant makes us choose less healthy foods?
  5. How is a bar lit and how does that affect mood and purchasing habits?
  6. Did you know coffee tastes better out of a red cup?

We can help you answer these questions, and more, as part of our interior design process. Get in touch with us today to bring your hospitality concept to life.

Our Restaurant, Bar & Hospitality Work

We turn ideas into spaces, and spaces into brands. From transforming listed buildings into wine bars, turning old bank vaults into decadent function rooms, and creating immersive atmospheres for Michelin-star restaurants, we know how to create the perfect, unique environment for your customers. Discover the restaurants, bars, and hospitality spaces we’ve designed into brands below.

Tropea – restaurant interior design and build project

Wine bar interior design & build | Loki Birmingham

Wine bar interior design and fit-out: Loki – Edgbaston

Design & Build for Birmingham restaurant | Land

Carters of Moseley

Nocturnal Animals

Testimonials and Reviews

Hospitality Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts

Our in-house team of interior designers, project managers and tradesmen have years of experience in hospitality. We take pride in guiding you through the design & build process, helping you understand how people behave very differently in different bars and restaurants. Over the year’s, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks, so check out our blog for everything you need to know about hospitality and interior design.