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Our Heritage in Heritage

Like teaching old dog’s new tricks, we breathe new life into listed buildings and heritage sites. Rather than simply repair what’s there, we work with specialist consultants and craftsmen t seamlessly design and repair heritage buildings for modern living and working.

Sustainable design principles

Sustainability sits at the heart of all heritage projects — seriously, what could be more sustainable than repurposing a building left for ruin into a thriving space for decades to come?
We use locally sourced materials, creating authentically modern interpretations of classic designs that live and breathe sustainable lifestyles whilst seamlessly blending with each building’s unique history.

Keeping our history alive

Heritage sites and listed buildings come with challenges in all shapes and sizes. From conservation areas to Grade II-listed buildings, we work with conservation officers, local planning departments and Heritage England to prepare heritage statements and planning applications. We not only take care to conserve and repair the past but think about the business case for the building’s future to keep its history alive.

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Let our heritage do the talking

No task is too tall for us. We repurpose city centre listed buildings into communal workspaces that merge heritage with modern workspace requirements. We transform grade II-listed foundries into cosy, modern industrial apartment suites. And we bring cultural institutions up to date, balancing their heritage with the thrills of the modern reveller. Now, let our heritage projects do the talking.

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