Creating a design-focused eatery that stays true to it’s Desi Pub roots.

Indian Bell feature light by our in house team of designers & electrician.
Exposed Brick to provide texture, colour and pay homage to the building heritage.
High stools & tables complimenting the bright colour palette. Defining a separate zone.
You won’t believe it but we created the bar top from everyday paving slabs polished up with copper strips. Giving an awesome result

You’ve heard the tale of the Desi Pub, haven’t you? No? It’s a Birmingham thing. When local pubs started struggling in the naughties, a few savvy locals thought they could revive them by removing the cheese rolls and KP nuts, and replacing them with curry and naan. This became a phenomenon, and now, Birmingham’s Desi Pubs serve up some of the best food the city has to offer. Most of these pubs, however, didn’t keep with the times, and a new, discerning generation of drinkers emerged, with a new set of experiential demands.

Enter the Tap and Tandoor, and you will notice that it’s the first eatery of it’s type to be design-led. It has nods to India, nods to it’s brewery-owned forbearer and some truly individual elements.


Bar Restaurant Design & Build


Tap & Tandoor

What We Did

A design-led Desi-Pub serving authentic Punjabi food and incredible ales.

With this project, we were blessed with a building that already had some stunning period features for us to work with. All we had to do was evolve the space to meet modern experiential demands, and add some well needed Indian generosity.